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How do we work ?

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How does this site works?

On the right area of the blog is a contact form. You can submit there the website that it is to be benchmarked along with your e-mail and any other comments you feel like writing. After the submission of your website you will receive...
Design benchmarking is organised by three people in order to cover all aspects of web-design, modern design, programmer's aspects and solid knowledge of WEB 2.0 applications along with everything that affect the Design of a web-page (blog,corporate,e-shop,company,personal). The people participating in this project have the following experties:
What are we measuring? How objective can Design Benchmarking be?

It is easily understood that web-design affects performance. Number of visits, bounce rate, SEO, sales can be easily affected by your design and it is one of the factors that you have to take GOOD care.
Design Benchmarking is an objective judge of several factors such us: